5 Tips for Freelancer Newbies

5 tips for freelancer newbies Rk TechMerch
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There always comes a time while working in a corporate organization when you would get tired and bored out of mind by looking at spreadsheets all day long. The question of becoming self employed starts plaguing your thoughts, and you start thinking to explore other avenues to get out of seemingly endless 9 to 5 routine by becoming self employed.

How to become self employed?

The first and foremost step to become self employed is to do self-discovery.

Self discovery or self-awareness can only happen when you truly evaluate yourself of who you really are and determining what is it that you want to be. There are several psychological tests online that can help you revealing who you really are; what are your strengths, weaknesses and much more about your personality. All these revelations about your personality will help you in the process of becoming self employed.

Following is the list of psychological test that will help you determining and realizing yourself in true manner.

  • Kathy Kolbe’s Kolbe Index – It gauges your conative strengths which is mainly why behind what you do.
  • Martin Seligman’s VIA Strengths Survey – There are 24 proven character strengths which an individual can express. This will help you find your highest character strength which will be the key to being your best self.
  • Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Quiz – This is must and helpful for habit development because through this test you will discover how you going to achieve inner and outer expectations of your life.
  • Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage – It is a one of a kind personality test that determines how others perceive you when you are at your best.
  • Perry Marshalls’ Marketing DNA Test – This is especially useful to assess your natural persuasion and communication style.

The people who can realize and internalize their self awareness can choose and create their career that will have growth opportunities, and they will enjoy in creating a career best of their strengths and stretches them with enjoyable challenges as they would learn and discover a lot new things along the way.

This simple self awareness will boost your confidence to take on self-employed challenges.

How self discovery or self awareness is a super power?

Self Discovery is a super power because it will reveal your strengths, weaknesses and natural tendencies of your ability to do things. As self awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and your actions and thoughts that are either aligned or not aligned with your internal standards. The familiarity with the internal standards is pivotal for self awareness because that’s when you will be able to objectively evaluate yourself and can align your behavior with your values.

Once all these are known to you, becoming self-employed becomes relatively easy for you.

Key Moves to Become Efficient Freelancers

There are several recommended key moves that every freelancer must pay heed.

  1. Avoid Self Directed Learning

Do not spend substantial amount of time on just learning new things and not implementing or doing any serious action about them. This means one must adopt the concept of “just in time” learning.

Getting lost in theory and not doing any practice is equivalent to self directed learning.

In self directed learning, an individual is confused with what to learn? What documents to read? What course to join? These questions burden the person letting them to learn irrelevant information and missing out on important and relevant concepts.

Aside from this, you can strengthen your skill sets using “just in time” learning that solely relies on focus of an individual. Focus on one thing you wish to improve understand it completely and show the improved progress by implementing that particular thing in your current project.

  1. Make Genuine relationship with mentors

You need to build good and genuine relationships with the people you love reading and get inspired from their writings. This will help bringing potential organic traffic to your content too.

How can you do it?

By staying on their radar on social media platforms and letting them know what you think of their writing by expressing your honest opinions to their writing pieces

This genuine relationship has a potential to do wonders for you in digital marketing.

  1. Do Guest-Blogging

Marketing is an indispensable tool for the success of any business venture. Employing efficient marketing strategy would ensure that business is going on the success trajectory.

The best way to do Marketing in digital world is guest blogging. Better and relevant content to your niche would result in bigger awareness of your brand/company.

How to write engaging content?

There are many strategies for that, but one must know how to explore the idea and present it in such a way that it catches the readers’ attention. The central idea in writing content is to educate potential customers in a possible genuine way.

  1. Need Personal Kanban System for Self Employed

You are going to need Personal Management System that sticks and would result in your growth and self improvement.

Your productivity will be sky rocketed if you start focusing on the work and not the organization of the work that would result in progress.

In freelancing, the personal management strategy is the tool that can determine how much success you are going to achieve.

  1. Develop a Support System

On your way to becoming a self-employed, you would face obstacles and difficulties that can be overwhelming and would frustrate you.

Look for the solutions, and if you don’t find any then try looking for a coach who can guide you or seek community that can help solve your problem.

  1. Never Ever Stop Learning

Don’t ever stop learning as you will have to keep yourself updated with the continual changing technologies particularly in the field of digital marketing. For instance, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards devised by Google undergo changes and transformation every once in a while, and keeping oneself posted with these updates can ensure your success in this field. Therefore, always look out for the new updates and familiarize with it.

Don’t rush the journey – Enjoy it!

Quitting a corporate job can be difficult but not impossible. Becoming self employed can be overwhelming as it would require you to level up your skills.

You must enjoy your life by working towards goal that means something to you rather staying miserable in the career where growth, fulfillment and joy are not on the menu.

It is indeed a long but not an impossible journey. All you need on this journey is never-ending learning, relevancy and consistency.


Venturing into self employment can be a daunting but not an impossible task if you are really serious about it. The traditional office timings bounding the employee at office premises can be very frustrating. Therefore, if you wish to step in the world of free lancing, there are few strategies you must keep into consideration – Avoiding self directing learning, making relationship with mentors, doing guest blogging and employing personal Kanban system. Acting on these points can potentially bring good results for your website in terms of organic traffic and its engagement with your content. The two terms – relevancy and consistency is very crucial to your success at freelancing.

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